Summer 2022 Sake Lemonade Stand

In Summer 2022, we still weren’t quite ready to launch our product on a large scale. We still wanted to get the word out about our brand. We found a high foot traffic area in Washington D.C called Union Market. Food halls are commonplace now Union Market was one of the first to do it. We always like to have a nostalgic connection to our events and products. We came up with the idea to do an Adult Lemonade Stand. We did not realize how many kids would actually show up for lemonade. We had our Sake Lemonade, Hibiscus on draft, and specialty sake cocktails. With our background in the restaurant industry, we were able to offer some creative food items to help draw people in. (Menus below)  Bottles to go were available with the option to preorder online. All in all, this was a great idea that served as a way to connect with people and meet new potential customers.